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Success stories

Obtained stay Order from Supreme court

Recently appeared before the Supreme Court of India at Delhi and obtained stay of the order in a very difficult matter of a Goan client and which was a do or die situation, as if we did not get stay then my client would be liable to pay more than […]

Precedent In Anticipatory bail

In a matter before the Children’s Court the judge was not granting anticipatory bail in matters generally and we went to the High Court and obtained anticipatory bail and this judgment is now being used by lawyers generally as a precedent for obtaining anticipatory bail before the Children Courts.Referred to […]

Accused of Rape- Political vendetta

Recently in a very difficult matter my client was accused of raping a minor victim girl due to political vendetta, as my client had campaigned against the then Chief Minister of Goa Mr. Digambar Kamat and we got an acquittal though a large number of false witnesses  were examined before […]

Settled Property Dispute

In a matter wherein X had given his land to Y to construct a building therein at the exclusive cost of Y, who was to get 3/4th of the building and X 1/4th  and X sent a notice to Y asking him to vacate claiming that Y is only staying […]

Matter of custody of the child

In a matter of custody of the child wherein both the parties are foreign nationals, we have managed to secure the custody of the minor children when the opposite side actually and literally was using muscle power to get the children illegally and we prevented the same and the matter […]

co-operative society

In a matter of a co-operative society wherein my party was overcharged and unreasonable penalties were imposed upon her more as vendetta, as she was raising thorny issues, we managed to get the society to backtrack and roll back the excess charges.

Fraud case Matter

A prominent real estate broker  though he has a fleet of lawyers engaged by him when a Civil Suit were filed against him and his company personally for alleged cheating and fraud he engaged us and the matter is pending adjudication.

Criminal case

In a criminal matter I was cross examining Dr. Silvano Sapeco, Forensic doctor who used to conduct postmortems in GMC,  in a murder matter and on the completion of my cross examination he paid me a very rich complement infront of the Judge by stating that if it was in […]

Property Dispute

In a matter the family of my client had filed a suit against my client on the ground that part of the family had not signed the sale deeds which in normal circumstances is a sure fire grounds to win the matter but in the fact and circumstances of the […]

Civil Suit

In a Civil Suit referred by Pankaj Teli, being his personal matter, we have contested the proceedings and we have filed a counter complaint and even though generally the tenant is mostly on the winning side but in this matter we have fair chance of success.