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Landmarks In My Practice

(a) In a matter under the Portuguese law I had obtained an order favourable to my client having Senior Adv. M.S Usgaoncar, appearing against me, who is luminary in the field of Portuguese Law and has authored several books on the subject.

(b) Banks normally do not allow changes in the Lease deeds and other documents and recently I have represented the landlord in the matter and we forced Yes Bank to renegotiate the terms which were unfavorable to my client this also was a referral from Mangesh Gaonkar.

(c) Recently appeared before the Supreme Court of India at Delhi and obtained stay of the order in a very difficult matter of a Goan client and which was a do or die situation, as if we did not get stay then my client would be liable to pay more than Rs.9,00,000/- (Rupees Nine Lakhs Only) and all senior counsels were charging exhorbitant amounts. In the matter of Francisco Cortez V/s. Peter Anthony D Souza.

(d) In a matter wherein an amendment application was dismissed and we challenged the same before the High Court and the opinion of all the lawyers including seniors were that we will fail miserably in that amendment but we not only succeeded in that amendment but obtained a very favourable order.

(e) Recently in a very difficult matter my client was accused of raping a minor victim girl due to political vendetta, as my client had campaigned against the then Chief Minister of Goa Mr. Digambar Kamat and we got an acquittal though a large number of false witnesses were examined before the Children’s Court at Panaji.

(f) In a matter before the Children’s Court the judge was not granting anticipatory bail in matters generally and we went to the High Court and obtained anticipatory bail and this judgment is now being used by lawyer generally as a precident for obtaining anticipatory bail before the Children Courts. Reported as Lucia Valladares V/s. State of Goa.

(g) In a matter wherein I was appearing for State Bank of India (SARC Division) and the opposite party had taken a loan and defaulted in the repayment of the loan and was seeking to pull a fast one on the bank to stall and prevent the recovery proceedings and we managed to get the matter thrown out at the threshold itself and the matter was dismissed right from the Lower Court stage to the High Court and I represented the bank in all the 3 (Three) stages and the proceedings in all three stages were completed in less than 3 (Three) years, which is lighting speed in our judicial system. This Judgement is being used as a precedent for other cases Ralph Colaco v/s. SBI in matter under the SARFAESI Act.